Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Dr. Josh Brower On Why Mini Implants Are Better

If you are among the people wearing dentures, you would want to ensure you get the best solution that doesn’t end up causing pain over time. The most effective solution is mini dental implants that can help you improve the stability and longevity of your jaw.

Mini dental implants are known to be an excellent solution for people who suffer from this problem. The treatment takes a short period of time and costs significantly less than the conventional implants. Moreover, mini dental implant is a non invasive procedure that doesn’t demand a long period of time for recovery.  Mini implants can be added to your dentures the day you come in and securing your teeth to your jaw in minutes.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO WEAR LOOSE DENTURES.

SmilesforSiouxland is an experienced group of dentists focused on offering high quality advanced dentistry led by Dr. Josh Brower.  He has been restoring and placing implants since 1997 and continues to be highly involved in mini dental implants in Sioux Falls and Vermillion South Dakota.  Dr Josh Brower is also licensed in California, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Stop struggling with denture adhesives that end up causing pain and discomfort.  Enjoy smiling with confidence and eat every meal you like after you go through mini dental implant procedure. You will definitely like the results you experience.

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Dr. Josh Brower On Conventional Implant Vs. Mini Implant

Smiles For Siouxland is providing the highest standard of dental care to its patients. With a team of recognized dental experts having more than 50 years of combined experience, we are committed to offer top-quality and the most effective dental treatments.

Dr Josh Brower is the lead doctor at SmilesForSiouxland, and is a recognized expert in mini dental implants and general dentistry. He makes use of his knowledge and experience to promote the best in dental care and is dedicated to ensure you eat and speak with confidence. Our friendly dental care staff is fully qualified and well-trained to help achieve your goals of healthy smile.

Some of the benefits of mini dental implants include:-

-) Mini dental implants improve your self-confidence.
-) They look and function as natural teeth.
-) The gum shrinkage decrease.
-) They last longer than dentures or bridges.
-) Mini dental implants prevent bone loss associated with missing teeth.

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Dr. Josh Brower – A Recognized Leader In His Field

Are you experiencing trouble or pain with your dentures? Perhaps, you are missing one or more teeth that should be replaced. If it is so, you have got to the right place. We are focused on providing effective benefits of mini dental implants to the residents of Sioux Falls and Vermillion.

Dr. Josh Brower is the lead doctor at “SmilesForSiouxland”, a group of expert dentists offering an extensive range of dental services, including conventional implants, porcelain veneers, rapid teeth whitening, mini dental implants, dentures supported with implants, cosmetic dentistry and the list goes on.

Mini dental implants appear, feel and work in the same way as natural teeth and can help bring back your smile and confidence. Moreover, these implants are much smaller than regular implants eliminating pain after treatment and reducing the need for bone grafting. The denture is then adjusted to make it lock onto the mini implants carefully the same day that you come in for your procedure, so you can eat using your implants the same day you are seen.

You will be able to maintain a better oral hygiene routine with mini dental implants. The dentures that are adjusted with mini dental implants can easily be removed or replaced, with some practice. If you are interested in knowing more about our dentists or services, please feel free to contact us at (800) 516-7631 or visit our website for more details.